Hello! I'm Amber Benitez

Want to now more about me?

Who I am and why I’m here

I’m Amber Benitez. Sorry I talk a lot for a little bit. I’m just a Utah city girl that hasn’t lived anywhere but Utah my whole life! But I love to travel. If only it wouldn’t drain my bank account. I’m currently a college student getting my Associates in communications and my Bachelors in vocal performance! Interesting choices I know, but I love singing, and learning pretty much about everything. I come from a family with probably the best parents ever, one brother and two sisters, and they are all amazing. Now out of all the people in my family I’m probably the loudest of them. I just tend to excited about a lot, then it get loud about it. I also have crazy curly hair, which probably is a representation of my personality. You know how curly hair can be different, unpredictable, and bouncing all over the place? Well, that’s me! I’m married to an amazing man. His name is Erik. We got married in June 2018, and we hope to see the world together someday, and with our future kids too.

Life is tough sometimes. And I’m here to try to help with that. I’m a girl with real problems just like pretty much the rest of the world. The only time a person might never have problems is probably…. never. Even the people you envy, they have their own plates of crap they are trying to swallow. I want share what I know! I want to help people be more Audacious. The definition of that word is to be more confident and bold. I use to always struggled to be confident in my self, I started to wish I was someone else completely. I’d also get scared to take risks, even if they gave me good experience and life lessons, because I got scared. Like a lot of people, I get anxieties and get overthinking in my head. I still struggle sometimes now. Despite all this, loving yourself is a journey most people take and I hope I can get you to tat point.

Loving yourself Isn’t a bad thing, it’s knowing you’re worth as a person and getting the best opportunities you deserve. We shouldn’t go through life hating ourselves, because even though life is short, it’s the longest thing we experience. We probably go through too much already. I’m glad your here to see what inspires me and I hope to inpire you too. And girl, you’re beautiful!

Curious about what I talk about on my blog?

I’m so happy you’re here. This is a Lifestyle Blog so I talk about a lot! You can come to me for inspiration, life tips, travel tips, beauty tips, health tips, and other things too! I talk about these things on a budget based life because, as we all know money doesn’t grow on trees (unfortunately). I want to better myself and help people a long the way. I want to help people to decide to go on that trip, or to quit their life sucking day job to find other opportunities. I talk about all these things because I want to share what I know, but help people feel the best they can in their own skin. I want people to live their lives with a little less worry. Because girl, ain’t nobody got time for that! (sorry, I had to). I talk about  all these things because I have found ways to actually motivate my myself and to actually follow my dreams, and to show that you can actually do the same too!

A Little More About Me

Where I grew up

  • Ogden, Utah

 Where I’m going to college

  • Weber State University

 My top goals

  • Publish a children’s book
  • Become a full-time traveler
  • Be a mom, and to be able to stay home with them too! (and travel with them too)

My hobbies

There’s a lot I love to do as you can see by the list here

  • Archery
  • Crochet
  • Travel
  • Eating
  • Sleeping in
  • Hiking
  • Doing Makeup
  • Watching Netflix
  • Shopping, especially thrift shopping

Favorite Makeup item

  • Mascara (especially mascara that keeps my lashes curled!)


Favorite Drink

  • Lemonade or rootbeer (I don’t drink)

Favorite Food

This was a really hard one

  • Fetuccini Alfredo or seafood

Favorite Dessert

I’m a major sweet tooth already, so this was hard too.

  • My mom’s peanut butter cookies or anything with salted caramel

Favorite Store

  • Target
  • For online it’d have to be Neesee’s Dresses

Favorite Place 

  • Maui, Hawaii

Other things I love

  • My husband
  • Date nights with my husband
  • Saving money
  • The Church (I’m LDS)